Beside the Falls


This artwork depicts the rushing water of Russell Falls, Mt Field national park, Tasmania, as viewed from part way up a track that leads to the top of the falls. I am often inspired by the visual effects of moving water and this was a perfect example, with white areas forming where fast flowing water hit the rocks, and smoother reflective areas in the eddies. The overcast sky reflections and the tannin-infused rainforest water dominated the colours of the falls. The waterfall was always glimpsed through lush foliage, transitioning to dryer, more olive toned bushland in the far distance.


This is one of a series of snapshots taken part way up the track to the top of Russell Falls.

First drawing

I usually draw a compositional pencil sketch directly onto the block working from reversed images of my reference materials (because the image is reversed again when it is transferred from the block to the paper). I then draw in the areas to remain white using oil pastels.

Stage 3

The first two layers have been drawn, carved and printed. Very soft purple/blue for the water reflections, blue tones for the sky, and soft greens for sun on the distant hills.

Stage 4

The distant eucalypt forest has been added with olive greens, and darker water areas in a tannin brown. I often include touches of each major colour in different areas of the artwork, for example some of the tannin brown is integrated into the hills, and touches of olive green added to the foreground. This links all parts of the artwork together to create a more harmonious image.

Stage 5

The brightest green of sunlight on leaves has now been added.

Stage 6

I then added the dominant mid green tone.

Stage 7

Nearly finished now! The darkest green and deeper purple on the logs and rocks were added during this stage.

Completed work

Finally a very dark green/black was added to the foreground and a few places behind the falls. Subtle touches of red/brown were also added to the tips of the foreground foliage.

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