Mountain Panorama


On a recent rainy winter day, the weather cleared in the late afternoon when the sun was fairly low in the sky. The air was misty and a row of low clouds moved down the valley between Kingston and Mount Wellington, southern Tasmania. The clouds were moving fast and the light conditions changing dramatically as I took a series of snapshots – some focused on the sky and some on the edge of the suburb and valley, as my camera cannot handle the light contrast between them. In this artwork I attempt to capture something of the soft, misty light conditions and fresh after-the-rain colours of the scene.

One of the Initial Snapshots

I took a series of snapshots showing the whole panorama of the mountain. This shows the northern end of the mountain as viewed from Kingston.

Composition Sketch

This is the composition guide I drafted, integrating the different snapshots into a single panorama.

Stage 2

The first layer was a soft yellow gradient radiating out from the lightest part of the sky. In the second I used a very soft neutralised purple overlay, allowing the yellow to show through – this was also applied as a radiating gradient. The lightest green tones of the foreground were added at this stage.

Stage 3

In this stage I’ve added the blue of the sky, in patches showing through the clouds. The blue is soft and muted, as the scene is very misty.

Stage 4

The darker cloud banks and mist shadows have now been added.

Stage 5

Next the mountain and tile roof highlights.

Stage 6

Next a series of small layers for the mid-distance.

Stage 9

Another series of small layers for the grassy hill and foreground, to give a misty appearance.

Stage 10

The darkest shades in the foreground have now been added to complete the artwork.

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