Reduction Lino Cut in Oil
Year: 2021
Edition Size: 10
Image Size: 43 x 60.5 cm
Paper Size: 56 x 76 cm
Paper Type: Fabriano Artistico

Signed and numbered on the front

In stock


Perspectives is a hand printed reduction linocut in oil inks, on Fabriano Artistico paper.

The Willow Court Asylum Complex is situated in the small town of New Norfolk, Tasmania, 35 km south of Hobart, and is a historical site even older than the well-known former convict settlement of Port Arthur, also in Southern Tasmania. This artwork was inspired by my participation in the Willow Court 2021/2022 Project with Hunter Island Press, which involved my being part of a group of artists taken on a walking tour of the barracks building – the oldest remaining part of this site. As I walked along the stone surface of the barracks verandah, I listened to stories of the people who had lived, worked and walked this way before me. We were shown some of the traces they left behind: a dip worn into a window-sill where kitchen knives were sharpened, and fragments of writing made by a past inmate on some of the sandstone walls. It became clear to me that this place has a nuanced and complex history, viewed in many different ways by many different people who went there both willingly and unwillingly. A place of healing and a place of suffering, a home and a place of incarceration, a site of struggle, and a place of learning.

With this artwork I represent the shifting perspectives from which the history of Willow Court can be viewed, and the difficulty and confusion of trying to mesh and make sense of it all. I imagine people following the stone walkways, trying to navigate their way through the light and the dark. Behind it all is the weeping willow tree, which has rich symbolic meaning for many cultures, including flexibility, survival, and following complex paths to spirituality and healing.

Go to my Studio Blog page to see details on how this artwork was made: