Sea Scout Regatta, Snug


Reduction Lino Cut in Oil
Year: 2019
Edition Size: 8
Image Size: 70 x 49 cm
Paper Size: 76 x 56 cm
Paper Type: Fabriano Artistico

2020 Finalist: Megalo Relief Online Exhibition
2021 Highly Commended: Kingborough Art Prize

Signed and numbered on the front

Sold Out


Sea Scout Regatta is a hand printed reduction linocut in oil inks, on Fabriano Artistico paper.

Each year, Scout groups from all over Tasmania meet at Snug, a small coastal town in the South East of the state. I was immediately struck by the reflections of the strong sail colours in the choppy water. I was also inspired to try and depict the vibrant human community activity taking place within the wider landscape.
I am frequently drawn to the complexities of moving water as my choice of subject matter. My observations include noting the way that its form is suggested through patterns of light reflected from all parts of the landscape around it. A key challenge for this artwork was to preserve the clean, strong, and clearly man-made sail colours within the muted natural tones of the landscape, and to have them contrast, rather than clash, with their surroundings.

To me, the most important thing is for my artworks to evoke feelings in the viewer that are akin to my own experience of being there. For the Sea Scout Regatta, those feelings include a sense of connectedness, serenity, and protectiveness towards the landscape and the communities within it.