Rainforest Floor, Tarkine


Corinna is a tiny settlement on the Pieman River, located at the edge of the Tarkine wilderness in North West Tasmania. Set within temperate rainforest, this former mining village now offers accommodation and camping platforms from which visitors can explore the remote area.

There are many walks into the surrounding rainforest, and on a hot day after lunch I joined friends for a walk along a circular track that followed alongside the Pieman river when looped back towards Corinna. The forest floor was covered in thick, soft woody debris and humus so that our feet made little sound. It was cool in the forest and the light was filtered through the dense trees.

In this artwork I attempt to record something of the feel of that beautiful place.

Snapshot of the rainforest

This was the original snapshot that, in combination with my notes and sketches, was the main reference for this artwork.

Stage 1

The first layer is the brightest tones after the white unprinted areas: green for leaf-filtered sunlight, and orange/brown for patches of direct sun on the ground.

Stage 2

Next the dominant light greens of the foliage.

Stage 3

For the third layer I used small rollers to apply dark green and light brown to different areas of the block.

Stage 4

The darker browns of the tree trunks and debris were added in the fourth layer.

Stage 5

Layer five consisted of a darker green applied to the darkest areas of foliage.

Rainforest Floor Stage 5

This video shows the paper being lifted from the block after transfer of the fifth layer.

Stage 6

Lastly the most shaded areas were inked in black.

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